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At A-ROSA, the health, safety and well-being of all guests and crew members is always our top priority. For this reason, our A-ROSA Care Team has developed a comprehensive health and hygiene concept based on the official directives and recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute, which meets national and international health standards. This concept worked successfully in the past two years and has been adapted to the current conditions and regulations.

We closely follow current developments and recommendations and are in regular contact with the port and health authorities. Decisions are always made based on these assessments, the official directives of authorities as well as the travel advice of the German Foreign Office according to the motto ‘Safety First’.

Low water on Rhine & Danube

The current hot weather in Europe is causing water levels to fluctuate on the Upper Rhine and individual stretches of the Danube. This is not uncommon during the summer months and experience has shown that water levels rise again shortly after rainfall occurs. 

The safety of our guests and crew members is the highest priority for A-ROSA. We are in constant dialogue with the relevant port authorities and respective water management offices. We review the conditions of each stretch of river between individual ports on a daily basis as often a cruise is still feasible even when the water level is low. 

It is only once the water level has dropped below a certain point that the route cannot be carried out as planned, and necessary adjustments may need to be made to the itineraries and embarkation and disembarkation ports on the Rhine and Danube. 

Please be assured that even if an adjustment is made, you can still enjoy your cruise with A-ROSA. We will offer you attractive alternatives to explore and enjoy and we thank you for your understanding.

Of course, our crew will ensure you experience A-ROSA’s relaxed, friendly atmosphere and excellent service as usual. We look forward to welcoming you aboard one of our ships soon.



There no longer is any obligation to provide proof of vaccination or recovery or a certified negative test result. However, we recommend that you carry out a self-test before departure. Likewise, we still recommend that you wear a medical mouth and nose protection in indoor public areas and wherever safety distances cannot be maintained.


For more information and an overview of our safety first concept, plus our FAQ’s, please click here:


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Current travel information

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