The Danube

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Impressions on the Danube

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Discover the Blue Danube

It was the composer Johann Strauss who gave the Danube the name - The Blue Danube, inspired no doubt by its rich colours as it winds its way some 2850 km from is source in the Black Forest through 10 countries to the Black Sea. Once an important trade route for goods and cargo, the Danube defines capital cities like Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade. These cities have so much history and culture to explore. The scenery is exceptional too, with the beautiful vineyard clad Wachau Valley perhaps the most romantic. Beyond Budapest, the Danube visits lesser known ports in Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania through the Iron Gates, highlight of the Cataract Passage. Discover the Danube Delta before the Danube branches out into thousands of channels that run into the Black Sea.