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Explore the majestic Rhine, Main and Moselle

The source of the River Rhine is in Switzerland. From here, Europe's greatest river flows through Germany and the Netherlands passing dramatic castles and beautiful scenery on its way to the North Sea. On its banks are many vineyards with German wines in particular begin recognised around the world. We visit the great cities of the Rhine, from Strasbourg to Koblenz, Cologne to Amsterdam. On board, our chefs create dishes that reflect the Rhine's local fayre, perhaps Swiss cheese, Tarte flambée from Strasbourg, the "Debbekooche" potato dish from Koblenz and "Flönz" blood sausage from Cologne. As you sail northbound, the delights of the Netherlands come into view, from the bustling port of Rotterdam to Amsterdam, the city of canals, art and cafes. The Main and Moselle Rivers that flow into the Rhine provide a fascinating contrast with many historical towns and villages to explore and beautiful riverscapes to enjoy as your A-ROSA ship glides gently by.