Leading in sustainability

In 2022, A-ROSA will launch a new E-motion ship with a diesel/electric propulsion system. As soon as the ship approaches a town or city, it switches to the electric motor, which is powered by large batteries. In turn, these batteries are fully charged using charging current while the ship is moored. This saves fuel and helps keep the towns and cities en route clean. A further innovation – the air-bubble technology of the Concordia Damen shipyard – makes it possible to save even more fuel. Thanks to air bubbles that are pumped under the ship’s hull from the bow before dispersing, the ship glides above the water on a carpet of air bubbles. Fuel consumption decreases thanks to the reduction in water resistance.

The ship is also much larger than our current fleet, with 4 decks, a width of 17.7 metres and 140 spacious cabins (from 226 square feet up) most with private balcony. The larger size enables two swimming pools, one for kids, as well as the usual SPA-ROSA facilities that our clients know and love.